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Fit4Lyfe has emerged as a shining example of the strong bond between fitness and philanthropy. With a profound belief in the power of giving back, I have consistently channeled my energy and resources towards charitable endeavors. I actively engages with local nonprofits, partnering with them to promote health and wellness initiatives that benefit underserved communities.

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Book Your Nonprofit Fundraiser with Fit4Lyfe 

Make a positive impact while breaking a sweat! Book your philanthropic fundraising event with Fit4Lyfe and discover the perfect fusion of fitness and giving. I will help you organize an exhilarating experience that not only raises funds for your cause but also promotes health and wellness. Together, let's make a difference, one workout at a time!

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​Kat K is the Executive Director of Lincoln Dynamic Foundation. "I look to see the interconnection between youth, our community, and the climate at large. Understanding that one cannot function without the others. The projects that we fund have all made great impact in helping to elevate these pillars and I look forward to progressing this even further."

Our connection to our mission has strengthened; not only with the increase of monetary donations that we have provided to nonprofit organizations, but with our on-the-ground community outreach. We have expanded our team volunteering and the attendance at numerous nonprofit events. We are also honored as the recipient of Outstanding Cooperation at the 2022 Annual AFP awards on National Philanthropy Day.

"I believe that LDF is poised to have more impact than ever. I am fortunate to live in the thriving city of Las Vegas and to hold the position of Executive Director of LDF. It is beautiful meeting with nonprofits, collaboratively working together witnessing the unity of our town; wanting more out of where we live. I feel lucky to be a part of this development."

A huge and loving thank you to our community leaders and members who give of themselves to make our world a better place. As LDF continues to evolve, we welcome you to get to know us. Schedule a lunch meeting, let's grab coffee, introduce yourself to our team, provide feedback, and inquire on how you can assist in our efforts.

In the words of Helen Keller, "Alone we can do so little; TOGETHER we can do so much" 

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