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Meet Kat K


Fitness Instructor - Philanthropist - Friend

Hi there! I'm Kat, and I'm thrilled to have you on my page!

With nearly 10 years of experience in group fitness instruction, I have dedicated myself to transforming the way people approach movement and fostering a strong community. As a lululemon Ambassador and recently recognized as one of Las Vegas's 40 Under 40, I am passionate about coaching and building healthy habits.

Living in Las Vegas, I've been able to pursue my dreams while also working in the nonprofit sector. If you ever find yourself in the Las Vegas/Henderson area, I encourage you to join me for an invigorating live class!

You'll often find me in three places: either at the studio teaching or working out (I've got an abundance of energy), exploring the aisles of grocery stores for nourishing options, or actively engaging with the community to help others grow. Group fitness classes are my obsession— the vibrant energy of the participants, the camaraderie within the community, and the pulsating music fuel my passion. My goal is to bring that same infectious energy into your living room!

I thrive on challenging not only my body but also my mind. I believe in working hard and then rewarding myself by prioritizing thoughtful care in everything I consume, use for cleaning, and incorporate into my personal care and mental well-being.

I warmly invite you to join our wellness community, where we can support and uplift one another as we strive for our happiest and healthiest selves. Together, let's embark on this journey of well-being.

My Vision

My mission is to positively help you build healthy habits for life and for me to share my love of fitness and wellness to increase your own self-love. I hope that you fall in love with these kick-ass workouts, health and wellness tips, green living lifestyle, meal ideas, goofy humor, and of course all the positive vibes.


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