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Hi, I’m Kat

Certified Fitness Trainer and Health Enthusiast

I’m Kat K and I love to live a healthy and authentic lifestyle.

Coaching, working out, and helping to transform your relationship with movement and building healthy habits for my clients is what ignites me! I live in Las Vegas, NV where I am a group fitness instructor, content creator, private trainer, and the executive director of Lincoln Dynamic Foundation working with local nonprofits to enhance our community.  My motto is: "making waves through fitness and philanthropy." I teach indoor rhythm cycle, barefoot boot camp, weight training and mat pilates. If you are ever in the Las Vegas/Henderson area, please check out a live class with me! I would be honored to assist in your journey to become best version of YOU. :)

About Fit4Lyfe

The Ultimate Method to Change Your Life

My overall goal is to get you feeling your best and to help you reach your highest potential. No goal is too audacious. With hard work, dedication, and the willingness to change your habits, anything is possible. Fit4Lyfe is not just about working out; it is about looking at health from a holistic standpoint. Here I share my ideas on nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, and mindset. Take a look around my site and let the shift begin.

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